Schedule an Appointment

In order to enable our staff to effectively serve the consignor community, we request that every consignor schedule an appointment with us to drop off their items, whether it's 2 items or 200. There are two types of appointments: large (or new consignor) and small.

Important note! Do NOT change the Quantity on the appointment page, just click on Schedule Your Time and after choosing a time slot you will be prompted to enter in the number of items you are bringing.

Large Appointment

Large appointments are used for three purposes:

• New consignors

• Active consignors bringing in more than 20 items, and

• Consignors that have opted out of donating at the end of their consignment term. 

Large appointments ensure that we have enough time to go through items WITH the consignor, regardless of the number of items, AND for donating consignors who have a large number of items. 

Small Appointment

Small consignment appointments are ONLY used for active consignors who are dropping off 20 items or less.