Schedule an Appointment

New consignors: All new consignors are required to make an appointment for your first consignment (no consignments since July 2022 - if you have not been granted access to the Consignor Portal, you are New). We strongly suggest bringing no more than 30 items to your first appointment, so you can get a sense of what we accept, what the process looks like, etc. If you bring 50 items to your first appointment, you may be going home with a large percentage of them.

Larger consignments: Anything more than 50 items requires special advanced approval, even for existing consignors.

Small drop-offs: Current consignors who are donators are welcome to drop off 10 items or less at any time, without an appointment, assuming we are not overstocked (this can happen at any time, so we recommend not depending on drop offs as your only method of consignment). Consignors who are non-donators (who require a review of their items before they leave the store) should leave themselves more time just in case we are very busy with other scheduled clients. Please understand we do our best but sometimes will not be able to accommodate non-donating drop-offs on days where our volume is higher than expected.

Fee for no-notification cancelations: Cancelations and no-shows affect our business in a very real tangible way. Our staffing, inventory, and process is highly dependent on taking in a certain volume of inventory every week. When a schedule slot is claimed, and then not used, it affects all aspects of our business. In order to ensure everyone takes this process seriously, a missed/canceled appointment fee of $10 will be assessed on an existing consignor account if less than 24 hours' notice is given. If a new consignor misses an appointment more than once, without notification, they will not be permitted to set up any other appointments in the future.

There are two types of appointments: large and small. Please do NOT schedule more than one appointment per week (with a maximum of 50 items per month) unless getting approval from staff. Make sure you receive an appointment confirmation from the booking system, or else we cannot guarantee that you are scheduled.

Consignment hours are Wednesday-Friday 10 am - 2 pm. If you cannot make it during those times, please contact the store by phone (during regular business hours please) or email to get special approval to schedule outside of these times.

Large Appointment

Large appointments are recommended for three purposes:

• New consignors (recommended, but not required, if 20 items or less)

• Active consignors bringing in more than 20 items, and

• Consignors that have opted out of donating at the end of their consignment term. 

Large appointments ensure that we have enough time to review each item, provide feedback to the consignor (whether new or non-donating), AND for donating consignors who have a large number of items. 

Important notes:

  • Large appointments can only accommodate UP TO 50 items. Any more than that requires special approval and advance notice (usually a couple of weeks, to allow staff to block out additional appointment slots).
  • Large amounts of jewelry can only be accommodated by special request. We process jewelry differently than clothing, and it can take a week or so to even review jewelry items. Please bring less than 10 jewelry items at a time.

Small Appointment

Small consignment appointments are intended for active consignors who are dropping off 20 items or less (donators) or to review 15 items or less for non-donators. These are brief, 15-minute appointments, intended to give staff just enough time to assess items and decide whether to donate or consign. If you want more time to allow our team to go through each of your items while you wait, please schedule a Large appointment. Thank you.