Consigning Secondhand with Persimmon - How it Works

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Persimmon Consignment Boutique has been here for 16 years for one reason: our items are hand-picked, high-quality, fashion-forward items. We understand what our shoppers like and want, and have a range of styles available for all tastes.

For this reason, we do not accept everything. Sometimes we will disagree about what sells and what won’t sell. Brand-new consignors may want to reclaim unaccepted items so that you can see what we accepted. In this case, please make plans to wait for us to go through your items while you wait. In this case, we kindly request that you make an appointment, so that we know you’re coming. Also please limit the number of items brought to 20 or less! Read more about the items we will and won’t accept, and how the rest of the process works.

How It Works

All consignment intake is done by appointment only UNLESS you accept donation for all unaccepted items (this means we can process your items outside of regular business hours).

We price items at what we feel is current market, based on their condition, style, and potential for resale.

We sell your items for 60 days. At the end of 60 days, all unsold items will be donated to a local charity or used for store promotion. If a consignor would like to pick up unsold items, they must request to do so before their 60-day cycle ends. We do not notify consignors when their items are due to expire, so if this is important to you, please put this on your calendar. You are also responsible for pulling your items from the racks, and for notifying us when removing anything from the store. We will then remove them from inventory and you will be free to take them with you.

What To Bring

We accept clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, scarves, and other select accessories that are in season. We cannot accept most items that are off-season because of limited storage space, so we will kindly ask that you return to consign your items at the appropriate time.

The seasonal intake schedule runs:

August - October:  Fall 

November - January: Winter

February - April: Spring

May - July: Summer

Condition of Items

Items should be in excellent like-new condition. We have high standards for what we’ll take, so be sure to pre-screen your items and do your best to ensure they are in ready-to-sell condition.

At the time of the drop off, all items must meet the following standards – no exceptions:

  • Freshly laundered or dry cleaned as appropriate
  • In good, sellable condition with no stains/odors, holes or tears, broken zippers, missing buttons or other fasteners that affect the usability of the item
  • Items with excessive pet hair or smelling of smoke or mildew will not be accepted – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Clothing should be neatly folded in bags, bins, or boxes – please do not shove items tightly into containers, because it is harder for us to sell wrinkled items and we may not be able to accept them for sale
  • Shoes must be paired together
  • Jewelry must be in good condition (minimal tarnish, no obvious flaws) and earrings must be in pairs; pendants should ideally come with a chain, but this is not 100% required depending on the quality of the pendant

Payments & Profit Splits

There are two options for payment: check or cash (under $50). (In the next few months, we will implement a new “store credit” or various digital wallet options.)

If your balance is less than $50 when you come to the store, it will be paid to you in cash. If it is greater than $50, we will need to write you a check.

There is a $0.50 processing fee for checks. If you need the check to be mailed, the total processing cost will be $1.50.

Consignors are responsible for requesting the balance of their account and for requesting a payment be issued. Just give us a call, email, or stop in and ask.

Consignors have six months from the date of oldest item sold to request payment for any balance on their account. After six months, your balance will  expire and will revert to the shop. Contact us if you feel you need special consideration. 

What We Take

Our customers love stylish contemporary brands and luxury designer items in excellent condition. This ranges from a classic Talbots or J. Jill style to a more modern Yala or Cabi. This also includes high-end sportswear in good condition. Shoes are also good sellers - we prefer leather items but will consider non-leather items in excellent condition. 

There are so many brands that we take they cannot be detailed here, but we take any items of high quality and high market demand. There may be items whose value is higher than we can usually sell. These items may be listed for sale on our website in order to expand the market and enable us to sell these items for the consignor. Items that have been sold on the website will be pulled from the floor of the shop as soon as we are aware they have been sold. 

Our customers also love jewelry and precious or semi-precious stones.

WE ACCEPT ALL ADULT SIZES! We strive for diverse size representation. That means we accept plus size as well as maternity.


Luxury goods may require authenticating in order to get the best price for them.

What We Don't Take

We occasionally consign special jewelry that is non-precious metals and stones (Brighton is a good example), but we prefer sterling silver, gold, and other non-reactive materials like fabric, thread, wool, etc. We will also be showcasing locally made jewelry. We will make exceptions for high-end designer jewelry with authentication.

 We do not take:

  • Traditional professional office wear (suits, unless they can be sold as separates) – we will take skirts on occasion
  • Swimsuits
  • Wedding gowns
  • Intimates (including socks, tights, undergarments)

We will take socks/tights that are brand new in the packaging. We will also consider swimsuits that are brand new in the package with the crotch liner intact.

While we’d love to take each and every item, items will be carefully selected based on style, condition, and potential for resale.

Item Limit and Processing

Due to capacity and storage limitations, we must set standards for item limits.

  • If dropping by with no appointment, please limit items to under 20.
  • If you agree to donate all unaccepted items, there is no item limit, as we will have the time after close of business to go through everything.

Exceptions will be made on an as-needed basis for special cases. Please contact us directly for larger consignments or donations.

We do not usually pick up items, but can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Ready to Get Started???

Read the consignor contract and then come in to create your account. Then you can schedule a time to come by and drop off your goodies!